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Muraro Isidoro & Figli S.r.l.


The company came from the entrepreneurial spirit of our father Isidoro Muraro who founded it in 1959 in the province of Vicenza originally as carpentry for electrical switchboards and, at a later time, specializing in various fields of metal sheet working. Ongoing investments made over the last thirty years mainly focused on innovation and quality led us to become a recognized market leader thus allowing us fields of intervention in any type of metalworking.


We owe all this to all the people who were and are part of our family. One of the strengths of Muraro Isidoro e Figli S.r.l. are the values passed down to us by our father, such as honesty, respect, fairness, sense of duty; principles that we still apply in relationships with our employees, suppliers and customers.


A good relationship established with the Customer is fundamental to us.
That is to say, making the Client feel an integral part of the production process, discussing any problems and achieving the final goal. These are essential cornerstones as to relationships that we are already used to establishing but which we would like to improve even more. In fact, we set ourselves the goal of increasingly expanding our reference markets and expanding our clientele, ensuring quality and precision.

Our company covers an area of 6,500 m2 and makes use of state-of-the-art machinery, inclusive of programmable workstations and equipped with automatic handling of parts.

Workable materials:

  • sheet iron, up to a maximum thickness of 20 mm
  • galvanized/aluminized/electro-galvanized steel, up to a maximum thickness of 3 mm
  • stainless steel sheet, up to a maximum thickness of 12 mm
  • aluminium, sheet iron, up to a maximum thickness of 10 mm
  • annealed (soft) copper, annealed brass, up to a maximum thickness of 6 mm


We offer a wide range of processes: combined punching-laser cutting, combined punching-shearing cutting, laser cutting, panel bending, manual and automated press-bending, welding, finishing and assembly.
Our specific workings include: turning, broaching, milling, manual and automated welding through our own subsidiary M.C.D. D.O.O. seated in Serbia 100 km from Belgrade.
In addition, we provide surface treatments: such as galvanizing, painting, cataphoresis, etc… through an important network of specialized suppliers.

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